The M L Convent group of schools are spread all over Allahabad. Starting from the banks of Yamuna (Meerapur) to the region from where holy river Ganga pass (Mehdauri).
Locality wise the branches are as follows:
1. M L Convent School, Meerapur
2. M L Convent School, G T B Nagar, Kareli
3. M L Convent Inter College, Mehdauri
4. M L Convent School, Baghambari Gaddi (Allahpur)
5. M L Convent Karelabagh (affiliated to C B S E)



Reach Us

398/9B - Meerapur
Allahabad - 211003
Uttar Pradesh, India.
Contacts: 0532-3244790, 2658058


M L Convent Group of Schools congratulates it's first student Ms. Garima Sanjay for the Public Release of her book "Smritiyan" by Hon'ble Vice President, Sri Hamid Ansari.